Eve Laurence & Christian

Eve Laurence is the kind of babe that always gets to cheer you up and make your day and today is going to be no exception. She has a new yoga instructor, Christian, who is supposed to give her yoga classes, but in fact she would rather workout on her knees and also on her back to have that entire body experience, if you know what I mean. Mainly because just look at this guy, how great and good looking he is, Eve gets turned on only by watching him, not to mention something else. And of course that he is attracted to her as well, so it wasn’t very hard for them to transform the yoga session into a nice hammering one, of course that will be super pleasurable for both of them, not just for her.

At first, they removed their clothes one after the other and they started to make out right there, on the couch. He is in love with Eve’s massive rounded boobies, they are just perfectly sized for him and his large palms. He adores rubbing them and squeezing them, but most of all, he adores to spread her legs and shove his immense tool deep into her tight pussy, and stuff it there with heavy moves. You got to see this impressive hammering session, to see how these two will stretch and have the most incredible yoga class ever. Eve will finally get the proper hammering she was waiting for the entire week! eve-fucked-by-christian


See busty Eve getting her holes roughly stretched!