Eve & Joey Ray

Eve Laurence is meeting Joey Ray today, at her place, to have a coffee together and discuss some business. Of course not! They weren’t even thinking about discussing anything other than what position should they fuck or how should they do and get, during their sex session. She was in the kitchen when he arrived, and after she served him with a tea, the whole story started. He began taking off her clothes and making out right there, into the kitchen! She adores being taken by surprise like that, mostly by such a great hunk like Joey, who happens to have a huge hard cock, just the way she likes it most of all! You will see how she is going to have her legs spread wide open, and she is going to receive this wonderful hammering that she was craving about the entire day! kitchen-fuck 

kitchen-fuck-eve-and-joeyHe will push his cock there, deep inside her, rubbing her clit with one hand and holding her leg with the other, just to make sure that he has enough room there, between her long legs. Oh, she just loves the way he is pushing his hard cock inside her, she adores that feeling, to be fully stuffed, cause only this way she could cum, if she has a huge cock inside her. You got to see the entire movie, till the end, just to make an impression over this amazing hammering that happened into the kitchen, you will adore it and it will make you go hard!

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